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Russ Wife You Up [Prod. by Scott Storch] 03:03 Hip Hop/RnB 297
Russ Maybe [Prod. by Scott Storch] 02:55 Hip Hop/Rap 261
Russ Prosper [Prod. by Scott Storch] 04:27 Hip Hop/Rap 294
Russ Think Twice [Prod. by Scott Storch] 03:13 Hip Hop/Rap 456
Russ The Game [Prod. by Russ] [CDQ] 04:38 Hip Hop/Rap 247
Russ Keep On Goin (Feat. Bas) [Prod. by Russ] [CDQ] 03:27 Hip Hop/Rap 293
Rexx Life Raj Waiting For You (Feat. Russ) [CDQ] 03:32 RnB 266
Russ Take It All In (Feat. Rexx Life Raj) [Prod. by Russ] [C... 03:05 RnB 342
Russ The Journey [Prod. by Russ] 04:29 Hip Hop/Rap 319
Russ Used To You [Prod. by Russ] 03:21 Hip Hop/Rap 313

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Various Artists Mixtape & Chill 2

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Fat Trel Muva Russia

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Dangeruss, Five Dr... Spring Breakers (T...

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Dangeruss The Ingredients

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Russ Hall Membersonly

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Wais P Pvssy RIch

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Boaz Bases Loaded

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Russell W. Howard Beautiful Distract...

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Nicki Minaj From Russia With L...

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P.U.P. Now Or Never

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