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Slug Christ Free Housephone (Feat. Little Pain) 03:12 Hip Hop/Rap 179
Wavy Jones Ion Really Know (Feat. Slug Christ) 02:36 Hip Hop/Rap 243
Slug Christ False Christ (Feat. False Prpht) [Prod. by Poozy, Slug] 02:48 Hip Hop/Rap 210
Slug Christ So Damn Stupid (Feat. Archibald Slim) 03:27 Hip Hop/Rap 279
Slug Christ Don't Call My Phone (Feat. Ethereal, Archibald Slim) 03:30 Hip Hop/Rap 341
Slug Christ Hold Me While I Die (Feat. Stalin Majesty) 03:27 Hip Hop/Rap 298
Slug Christ Gucci Goggles 03:52 Hip Hop/Rap 366
Slug Christ I Ate All The Pills 05:26 Hip Hop/Rap 361
Slug Christ Irrational (Feat. Heir Dash) 03:31 Hip Hop/Rap 349
Slug Christ Mercy Mercy Me 02:52 Hip Hop/Rap 332

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