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Artist Title Length Genre Rating Plays
Smooky Margielaa Smooky's Story 03:16 Hip Hop/Rap 83
Smooky Margielaa TWENTY 2 02:04 Hip Hop/Rap 107
Smooky Margielaa Vlone Flex 02:13 Hip Hop/Rap 120
24hrs Bentley Coup (Feat. Smooky Margielaa) [Prod. by TM88] 02:55 Hip Hop/Rap 279
King Combs Feeling Savage (Feat. Smooky MarGielaa) 03:11 Hip Hop/Rap 131
Smooky Margielaa Not Right [Prod. by Murda Beatz] 02:04 Hip Hop/Rap 195
AR Traffic (Feat. ASAP Ant, Smooky Margielaa, Thouxanbanfa... 03:54 Hip Hop/Rap 227
Smooky Margielaa No Games (Feat. Drew Drippy) 01:49 Hip Hop/Rap 189
Smooky Margielaa The Judge [Prod. by CashMoneyAp] 02:16 Hip Hop/Rap 188
Smooky Margielaa Margiela Man (Feat. Honcho Da Savage, Drew Drippy) 03:33 Hip Hop/Rap 279

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